Day 2, night

She made it through the day.

And that is quite the accomplishment.

Not only did she make it through the day, they started weaning her medications down. Her swelling has also reduced and she’s more recognizable.

The babies are holding it in there. Megan’s sister Lindsay and her fiance, Alex visited them last night. Already smitten.

Leif likes to talk and respond to conversation with his hands, he’s got little flat feet and Megan’s loooooong fingers.

Vaila has long legs (wondering where she got them) that she likes to lift up like a yogi or ballerina. She’s got giant feet too, but they’ve got super high arches and a longer 2nd toe. She’s also got Megan’s super long fingers. Best of all, she’s got the Conners forehead lines and already scowling like Megan (and Lindsay) when she’s unhappy.

We cannot thank you enough.

Day 1 Update, night

Survive. Fight. Get better.

Feel like this is the motto of today. It was touch and go for most of the day. No one was sure she’d make it through the day–but with her fighting spirit, she did.

Megan suffered her first cardiac arrest before dawn, and was wheeled to an emergency c-section with a ventilator and a nurse performing chest compressions.

Vaila came out with a spontaneous heartbeat and was immediately ventilated. Leif wasn’t doing as well and required CPR and cardiac medication, but he came back to us. The babies, born at only 26 weeks were 1lb 11oz and 1lb 13oz, respectably. They’ve been transported to the NICU. Leif needs a little more help, but he’s also Megan and Jason’s kid–so he won’t give up, and we won’t give up on him.

Megan experienced a second cardiac arrest mid-morning.

In addition to her cardiac arrests, Megan has also been having trouble clotting all day and developed DIC, a dangerous clotting/bleeding disorder. She required constant monitoring, countless units of blood and a “last resort clotting medication”. If this weren’t enough, she’s also septic.


On January 26, 2017 Megan went to the hospital after experiencing numbness and a limp arm on her right side. Earlier in the day she’d gone to the hospital experiencing dizziness and feeling like the might faint.

After checking her vitals she was sent home. On her second visit doctors decided to keep her overnight on the 26th for observation.

Late Thursday night/early Friday morning, Megan suffered cardiac arrest that resulted in emergency delivery of her twins.

During delivery, Megan was received CPR and oxygen through a ventilator.

Jason named their beautiful babies Vaila and Leif. Vaila was born at 1lb and 11oz, she had a spontaneous heart beat and was immediately ventilated. Leif, weighing in at 1lb and 13oz and required CPR and cardiac medication. Both babies were transported to Children’s Hospital.

On Friday morning, Megan stopped breathing a second time and was revived.

Megan remains in critical condition in the CCU. Her family requests your thoughts, good karma, and prayers to whomever you believe at this time.