Vaila Rose

Author: Lindsay

Sweet Vaila, my heart breaks.

My heart breaks for your dad. No father should have to experience this. He’s already going through so much.

My heart breaks for your mom. She wanted a little girl named Vaila for so long. So long. She was looking forward to your birth so much. To the hell you’d give your brothers. To the mischief you’d probably get into. For the bond of mother and daughter.

My heart breaks for the rest of our family. We’d just gotten to know you. Alex and I were so smitten. So excited to buy you science and engineer princess dresses. For your visits to DC. The adventures we’d have with you.

My heart breaks for the incredible future you had in front of you. For your life, cut too short.

Miracle Girl, Megan

Author: Lindsay

My sister is incredible.

I’ve never been so amazed by one person’s commitment to living the fullest, most beautiful life. And letting nothing stop her.

Her life today is a miracle. By chance when she was 11 we discovered her oxygen levels were too low. By luck we had access to the hospital where a young doctor was doing an experimental procedure to fix pulmonary AVMs. And through grace we were lucky enough he was able to perform this procedure on her. Megan was cured. Her life is a miracle.

She never let AVMs stop her. She played soccer (really well, I was always jealous–she’s way more athletic than I ever was), she showed sheep in the state fair, she traveled, fell in love with Tanzania, hiked, camped, kayaked, she met an amazing man, got married, had a wonderful little boy. She (and Jason) never let the hurdles that would stop so many stop them.

My sister is a miracle. She defies odds. That’s what she does. That’s who she is.

If you have any miracle stories, please share them in the comments. We could really use your hope and prayers.

Day 3, evening

She opened her eyes!

She squeezed Rachel’s hand.

She’s totally overwhelmed by the number of people clamoring to see her!

We’re trying to slowly bring people in, only one person at a time, etc. She’s a fighter, but I bet this is completely confusing and overwhelming too.

Megan had MRI and CAT scans today to assess any damage to her brain. We are waiting on the results and will likely get them tomorrow.

Vaila and Leif had ultrasounds today. Vaila has a little bleeding/fluid on her brain stem, the doctors said it is not abnormal for babies of this age, they are monitoring it and will put in a shunt if needed. They were able to pump some breast milk from Megan which the twins will be able to get.

Megan loves being a momma.


Breast milk is especially important for preemies (and all babies). If we weren’t able to get breast milk from Megan, the hospital has donor milk. This donor milk is screened and often comes from mothers of NICU graduates. Breast feeding is extremely important to Megan–she’s a huge advocate for breast feeding until your child is two. Not every mother is able to breast feed, for myriad reasons (illness such as this, past illness, economic situations and jobs that don’t make it possible, etc). If you are a mother who is able to donate, you might consider finding a local charity to donate your extra breast milk for babies and families in need. Just Google, there are a lot of out there, and I don’t have time right now to make a recommendation.

Day 3, morning

She’s off all the blood pressure medication!

Megan is being slowly weaned off the paralytic and other medicines.  Her kidneys are solid (great news considering all they’ve been through). She received more blood, we had hoped she was done needing blood, but this isn’t terrible (again, given all she’s been through) and they don’t think she’ll need anymore.

Her vitals are holding. We’re hopeful.

Her toenails are painted (purple) thanks to Rachel. Megan wanted very badly to get a pedicure before she had the babies cause she couldn’t reach her toes anymore to paint them herself. Since she couldn’t make it out to have that happen, Rachel brought the (abbreviated) pedicure to her!

We (the family and close friends) want to THANK everyone who has come to visit, brought food, is saying prayers and sending us positive thoughts. It means the world to us, we only wish Megan were able to see all the people who love her so dearly, we know she can feel the big hug everyone is sending. None of this would be possible without everyone.

The babies are still good.