On January 26, 2017 Megan was admitted to hospital after experiencing numbness. Earlier in the day she’d gone to the hospital experiencing dizziness and feeling like the might faint.

All her vitals looked good and she was sent home. Luckily, on her second visit doctors decided to keep her overnight on the 26th for observation.

Late Thursday night/early Friday morning, Megan suffered cardiac arrest that resulted in emergency delivery of her twins.

During delivery, Megan received CPR and oxygen through a ventilator.

Jason named their beautiful babies Vaila and Leif. Vaila was born at 1lb and 11oz, she had a spontaneous heart beat and was immediately ventilated. Leif, weighing in at 1lb and 13oz and required CPR and cardiac medication. Both babies were transported to Norton Children’s Hospital (formally Kosair). Leif continues to improve. Sadly, Vaila passed away on Monday, January 30th.

On Friday morning, Megan stopped breathing a second time but was revived.

Megan remains in critical condition in the CCU. Her family requests your thoughts, good karma, and prayers to whomever you believe at this time.

Meg and family