February 14

Megan is getting moved to Frazier today in order to begin the rehabilitation process. We are very excited and hopeful for her recovery.

We really want to thank UofL’s Pi Phi (KY Alpha) (Megan & her sister’s Pi Phi chapter) chapter for hosting a blood drive in Megan’s honor yesterday. When Megan needed (countless) pints of blood in order to survive, they were there thank to donors and the Red Cross. Yesterday, we and the community were able to thank those donors by saving more lives with the 95 pints of blood donated. There have easily been over 100 pints donated in Megan’s honor thus far. If you donate blood, please feel free to use the #mymegan hashtag to share your experience.

Finally, I know the updates are pretty few and far between now. When Megan first got sick, a lot more changed very frequently. As of right now her body is stable, her recovery will take time and not much changes on an immediate day-to-day basis.

Again, thank you for everyone’s continued support, prayers, thoughts, warm wishes and visits. The out pouring of support is incredible and is helping us get through this difficult time.

2 thoughts on “February 14”

  1. Terrific update! You will see so many positive changes once she gets to Frazier. Mark was there for 6-7 wks and they really pushed him to greater heights. She will be so busy with therapy. Accommodations are so much better than U of L too. More room in the rooms and staying over night is much easier. Megan’s progress has been on our minds daily. Please let Stephanie, Mike and the family know Kim Robarts and Anna and Ashley Whitlow love them.


  2. Thanks for the update. Jason, Megan, Everest and Leif are and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. If any meals or anything is needed just let me or any of Jason’s UD group know and we’ll make it happen.


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