January 31, evening

I’m going to start labeling these differently now, by date. It dawns on me this is a fight that will go on longer than just a short time that can be easily measured in days.

We’ve entered a new phase. One where progress will not be measured in minutes or hours, but by days and weeks.

Megan’s body is healing. She’s stable. Somehow she survived a physical gauntlet. A testament to her spunk and the hope and prayers of so many.

Today Megan was more alert, more awake, looking around. We’re trying to get her to show us signs, nodding head, etc. We’re also starting to try and limiting the frequency of people in her room–so that she can sleep and her mind can heal.

One thought on “January 31, evening”

  1. I remember what a cute little girls Megan and Lindsay were and what good friends they were to my girls, Jackie and Boo. I remember them sitting in the front yard in lawn chairs watching Thunder-Over-Louisville. Our house sits up high in the subdivision; but it’s about 30 miles away so you can imagine how small it looked. So, they had a TV out there with them to hear the music and see it better. They were so funny. Although we have lost touch through the years, I will always have fond thoughts and memories of the Zoellers. Be assured that I will have everyone I know praying for the miracles needed for you all.


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