Feb 24, 2017

Opps! I forgot to hit publish on my update from earlier this week.

Updates on Megan are going to be much further in between. Megan has physical, occupational and speech therapy everyday.

Leif is gaining weight, off the ventilator and using a pacifier.


February 14

Megan is getting moved to Frazier today in order to begin the rehabilitation process. We are very excited and hopeful for her recovery.

We really want to thank UofL’s Pi Phi (KY Alpha) (Megan & her sister’s Pi Phi chapter) chapter for hosting a blood drive in Megan’s honor yesterday. When Megan needed (countless) pints of blood in order to survive, they were there thank to donors and the Red Cross. Yesterday, we and the community were able to thank those donors by saving more lives with the 95 pints of blood donated. There have easily been over 100 pints donated in Megan’s honor thus far. If you donate blood, please feel free to use the #mymegan hashtag to share your experience.

Finally, I know the updates are pretty few and far between now. When Megan first got sick, a lot more changed very frequently. As of right now her body is stable, her recovery will take time and not much changes on an immediate day-to-day basis.

Again, thank you for everyone’s continued support, prayers, thoughts, warm wishes and visits. The out pouring of support is incredible and is helping us get through this difficult time.


Megan is doing well with her weaning off the vent, opening her eyes more and starting to look a lot more like herself. We’re hopeful, but she still has a long road to recovery in front of her, so please keep your thoughts, prayers and good vibes coming.

We really appreciate the outpouring of love and support from everyone. It means the world to us and has really helped the family keep going.

Striking a balance between Megan’s recovery and the love we see for both her and our family, we want to try and limit visiting hours to 5-8pm daily and to one person at a time for a quiet visit. We want to limit excess stimulation in order to give her brain and body the ability to heal instead of focusing on and trying to discern what is happening around her.

Again, we really appreciate everyone’s love, prayers, visits, donations and do not want to discourage you from visiting or showing your support. We are just trying to strike a balance between this and the quiet that Megan needs in order to heal.

February 2nd

Sorry I didn’t provide an update last night, I’ll include everything in here today.

Megan is making slow and steady progress. She got a trach tube, this means she has all the stuff off her face and is starting to look more like herself.  This will also make her a lot more comfortable and I’m hoping mean she’s able to more easily rest and recover–I have no medical proof of this, but I just know I’d have trouble resting with my mouth held open and all sorts of stuff on my face.

Again, we really want to thank everyone for their generosity on both the YouCaring site and for signing up to bring the family meals at the hospital. We are awed and humbled by the community and love of everyone. It is really incredible, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Picture from a happier time–Christmas a year ago, Everest’s facial expression makes me smile:


January 31, evening

I’m going to start labeling these differently now, by date. It dawns on me this is a fight that will go on longer than just a short time that can be easily measured in days.

We’ve entered a new phase. One where progress will not be measured in minutes or hours, but by days and weeks.

Megan’s body is healing. She’s stable. Somehow she survived a physical gauntlet. A testament to her spunk and the hope and prayers of so many.

Today Megan was more alert, more awake, looking around. We’re trying to get her to show us signs, nodding head, etc. We’re also starting to try and limiting the frequency of people in her room–so that she can sleep and her mind can heal.